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Property in transport

Insurance addressed both to transport/shipping companies whose basis is the transport of goods, as well as to all other entrepreneurs whose goods travel around the country and the world.

We offer third party liability insurance for road carriers and freight forwarders protecting against claims of customers in the event of damage to goods. However, we propose CARGO insurance to the owners of goods, which will protect the goods in case of events not covered by the carrier's liability.

Forwarder - it is an entity conducting business activity consisting in organising and performing on behalf of the client and his behalf or his behalf, activities related to the transport of the consignment in the road, rail, water or air transport or combined transport using all of these and/or selectively particular types of transport.

Carrier - it is an entity conducting business activity consisting in moving people and goods by various means of transport.

The difference between the forwarder and the carrier is that the function of the forwarder is mainly related to the organisation of transport (organisation of carriers), and only sometimes also includes the scope of transport, while the role of the carrier is limited to carrying out the transport itself.

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